With a strong background in engineering, the team at Mog Central are well-connected within the industry.

Mog Central designs and builds Unimog only vehicles. We specialise in servicing and parts that are designed for the challenging terrains of our country. If you’re looking to create the toughest, go-anywhere Unimog vehicle of your dreams, or re-build, refurbish or modify your own Unimog vehicle, then Mog Central is your new best friend.

Owner Benjamin Nash, the lead fabricator, is a trade-qualified Fitter Machinist and Cert III Diesel Mechanic, specialising in designing and manufacturing.

Having worked at Australian Scientific Instruments as a Draftsman on large scale scientific instrumentation, he went on to work with the Australian National University (ANU) developing and manufacturing a range of Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride products for the mining, automotive, and engineering industries. 

Ben Nash started Mog Central after seeing a void in the market.

Mog Central offers a diverse range of assistance for your Unimog vehicle:

  • Mog Servicing – at our Service Centre or we can come to you, all over Australia
  • Genuine Mog Parts & After Market Accessories
  • Full Body Refurbishments – paint, panel & body modifications a speciality
  • Specialists in Customising Unimog Vehicles
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections – all over Australia

Mog Central’s well renowned skill set includes Conceptual Designing in Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Welding-TIG, MIG,Stick and Engine, Gearbox, Steering and Hydraulic Rebuilding.

Blissmobil campers are our preferred supplier of camper setups, but please talk with us about your Unimog modification ideas and we can help.


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