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Unimog Overdrive

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Overdrives arriving Early April 2024

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The Hellgeth Overdrive Unit, proudly made in Germany, offers a switchable overdrive ratio 1:1 and 0.78:1 , thats a 22% increase in ground speed for the same RPM or a reduction in RPM,  delivering exceptional benefits in terms of fuel savings and increased top speed for your vehicle:

  1. Fuel Savings: With the 22% overdrive ratio, the Hellgeth Overdrive Unit optimizes your vehicle's powertrain, reducing engine RPM and improving overall fuel efficiency. This means you can cover more distance using less fuel, resulting in significant cost savings over time.
  2. Increased Top Speed: Experience a notable boost in top speed with the 22% overdrive ratio provided by the Hellgeth Overdrive Unit. By extending the gear ratios, it enables your vehicle to achieve higher speeds while maintaining excellent performance and control. This increased top speed enhances your operational efficiency and allows for faster completion of tasks or journeys.

Crafted with precision and expertise in Germany, the Hellgeth Overdrive Unit represents the pinnacle of engineering and reliability. By integrating the impressive 22% overdrive ratio, it revolutionizes your vehicle's capabilities, maximizing fuel efficiency, and unlocking greater speed potential. Upgrade your vehicle today and enjoy the advantages of improved performance, reduced operational costs, and the renowned quality of German engineering.

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Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 74 × 53 × 67 cm


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